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Google releases toolbar featuring Google Play

27 March 2012

Google has today released an update to their toolbar which now includes a link to the Google Play Android store.

Previously known as Android Marketplace, Google Play is now a one stop location for users to find books, movies, and music alongside applications for the increasingly popular Android operating system on mobile devices.

With Google Play, the company hopes more consumers, who occasionally went to the old Android Marketplace to purchase mobile apps, will find interest in other types of content and consider buying an electronic book or an album, too. The end goal being that as the usage grows, Google will be able to signup more content providers to Play and mount a serious challenge to the Apple App Store.

The Google bar is the navigation bar that appears on top of most Google properties like search, maps and email. With millions of Google users and billions of page views everyday, it is considered one of the most precious pieces of real estate on the Internet. Any property that gets featured on the Google bar is sure to receive a massive boost.

Silver Rocket Digital recently launched a Beta App for The London Diving Chamber to the Google Play store.