Understanding you and your business, planning the objectives and leveraging our experience to deliver great results…

Our Process

We believe that everything we do needs to serve your brand and get you noticed.

Our process is to first understand the intricacies of you, your business and your brand, your audiences, and the goals you want to reach online. We can then work with you to plan what needs to be done (and importantly what doesn’t) to get to these goals, making the right decisions along the way by providing guidance and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Get in touch

To discuss your project and what we can do for you in detail, drop us a line, or give us a call on:

  • UK +44 20 3286 2756
  • Australia +61 3 9016 9756
  • 01


    We aim to connect with your organisation and gain an understanding of you, your audiences and business objectives, to translate this into a strategy.
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Research
    • Market analysis
    • Brand review
  • 02


    Now we work to understand your goals and the user experience needed to achieve them.  We work with you to organise the universe of content and create plans to best suit the needs of your users, and the action you are trying to get them to take on your website.
    • User personas
    • Site maps
    • Wireframes
    • Analytics review
  • 03


    Using the information we have learnt from the first two stages, we can start the creative process and develop designs for your website, mobile application, logo and print materials etc.
    • Homepage designs
    • Subpage and functionality mockups
    • Print design options and layouts
    • Brand identity documents
  • 04


    Once we have worked with you to refine and make the important decisions in the creation phase, our developers can step in to apply their range of technical skills to bring the design and the functionality to life.  Whether it is a customised Wordpress theme, an iPhone app, or a Bespoke booking system developed with CodeIgniter, our skilled team will ensure that the project comes to life the way it was planned.
    • HTML/XHTML and CSS
    • JavaScript and Flash
    • Third party CMS/eCommerce
    • Bespoke systems
  • 05


    Before we set the website, app or Facebook presence live, we make sure that you have explored every inch of the product and the functionality, for any last minute changes. We then make sure you are trained up to load content and to manage the day-to-day interactions with the product. We then work with you to manage the launch of your new product to the world, and see how well users interact with it and if it meets the goals set out.
    • Training
    • Launch management
    • Client feedback
  • 06


    All of our sites are launched and supported by our technical team, who are available to you in the short term or long term depending on the package you wish to choose. We know all sites need a bit of tinkering over time, that training is often forgotten or needs redoing, so we are there to partner with you through these experiences, not leave you as soon as the site is launched.
    • Support and service level agreements
    • Web and email hosting services
    • Web analytics
    • Ongoing website retainers and strategy consultation